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Glass vs Acrylic: How to Choose a Framing Material [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to framing that perfect photograph or piece of artwork, one of the important decisions comes down to which type of material you are going to use to cover it. That's why we put together this   infographic . In it, you'll learn about the subtle differences not just in the definitions of what picture frame glass or acrylic is but in the features they possess. This will ensure you make the best decision based on things like visibility, protection, glare etc. View More -

What You Don't Know About Trees[INFOGRAPHIC]

Trees are the longest living organisms on the planet.   High Point Tree & Fence   has created an   infographic   displaying this and other interesting facts about trees. View more -

Houses for Sale on Lake Hickory [INFOGRAPHIC]

Coldwell Banker Boyd & Hassell in Hickory, NC has several houses for sale on Lake Hickory. This infographic displays important information for individuals or families interested in buying a new home on Lake Hickory. View more -

4 Benefits of Replacement Windows [INFOGRAPHIC]

New energy-efficient windows can add huge benefits not only to your homes' value but also save on heating and cooling costs and make your home much more comfortable. This   infographic   from   MaxView Window   educates you about   4 benefits of replacing your old windows   with energy-efficient windows. If you are maybe thinking of getting   new replacement windows   for your home, you are doing the right thing. For more information visit -

5 Reason Why Your Business Needs a Professional Photographer[Infographics]

When it comes to having your business look professional, it is always best to hire a   photographer   that can give you the quality of photo your business deserves. Having professional photos of your business not only accurately depicts the quality of your staff and services but it also attracts the type of customer that is ideal for your business as well. For more information-